The Predator Gets A Suitably Horrifying Holiday Special


‘Tis the season for goofy holiday specials, it seems.

You’ve no doubt heard of Once Upon a Deadpool, which is sadly a shadow of the R-rated, rib-tickling mayhem of Fox’s live-action movies, while recent years have served up everything from A Very Murray Christmas to the heartfelt Pixar offshoot, Toy Story That Time Forget.

Which brings us to The Predator. Yes, the Predator – the same alien that would rip your spine out without so much as batting an eyelid. Turns out 20th Century Fox has produced its own festive-themed special for the galaxy’s apex predator and, frankly, it needs to be seen to be believed. Here’s the official word from the studio. Oh, and it’s even stylized as a stop-motion Christmas delight…

The stop-motion animated Holiday Short featuring THE PREDATOR as he tangles with his most formidable foe yet – Santa and his reindeer.

We’ve seen Santa and his reindeer encounter all sorts of trouble and entanglements upon leaving the North Pole, but never before have we seen them come face to face with the Predator, cinema’s greatest ever hunter. It is, of course, a not-so-subtle piece of promotion for Shane Black’s 2018 reboot, which signaled something of a resurgence for the Yautja brand. They’re the ugliest motherfuckers in all the universe, but it would be foolish to overlook their long-standing legacy – not to mention that sky-high body count.

Whether Shane Black’s efforts are enough to spawn a sequel, though, is another question entirely. The Predator tapped out at around $160 million worldwide and, frankly, that’s not a figure to inspire confidence. At least we have this festive special to keep us ticking over in the meantime, eh?