Prepare For Jigsaw With This Supercut Of Saw’s Many Gruesome Deaths


The Jigsaw Killer has been a fixture of the genre since 2004 and in that time, Tobin Bell’s twisted serial killer has racked up a body count that would leave even the most seasoned horror fan squirming in their chair. And it’s not over yet.

For the first time in seven long, long years, John Kramer has returned in time for Halloween, and in honor of Jigsaw‘s release, Bloody Disgusting has uncovered a two-minute supercut designed to recount all of the franchise’s gory, gruesome deaths.

Set against the Benny Hill theme song (because of course it is), this is a timely look back at Jigsaw’s reign of terror, which features everything from the reverse bear trap to the so-called angel trap of Saw 3. The cult horror series has come an awful long way since its humble debut in 2004, and though the term “torture porn” is often used as a derogatory remark for Saw – ditto for its brutal next of kin, such as the Hostel film series – you can’t fault Lionsgate’s franchise for consistently one-upping itself in the gore department.

And now, we stand on the verge of Jigsaw, Michael and Peter Spierig’s sequel that will surely signal the real final chapter in John Kramer’s saga. The early reviews have not been kind to it, however, with many critics writing that the 2017 follow-up fails to justify its existence. Which is to say that, beyond the franchise’s pool of fans, Jigsaw may struggle to court any potential newcomers into theaters this weekend.

Wanna’ play a game? Jigsaw slithers into theaters today, October 27th, and it’ll seemingly feature twists, turns, and traps that are “out of this world.” So the perfect Halloween treat, then? Laura Vandervoort, Tobin Bell and Callum Keith Rennie round out the ensemble cast.