Prepare To Never Travel Again After Watching The Trailer For Spring


Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead mean business when it comes to horror. Their 2012 film Resolution broke the mould. A claustrophobic headscratcher, the tale of a man who heads to a shack to help his friend sober up before rehab, it was one of the year’s most imaginative moody scarefests. This year’s efforts include a segment in the V/H/S: Viral anthology and Italy-based horror, Spring, which now has a new trailer to ensure you never travel alone again.

The latter premiered this week under the Toronto International Film Festival’s Vanguard program, garnering favourable reviews as a result. The film follows the story of Evan (Lou Taylor Pucci). Spurned on by grief after losing his mother, a big revelation dawns on him: his whole life is going down the toilet. After receiving his last paycheck, he hightails it to Europe and winds up doing what most young people do while backpacking: partying, drinking and narrowly avoiding arrest. The first two lead him to mysterious (and of course, effortlessly gorgeous) Louise – who’s way more sinister and dark than her fluttering eyelashes would have him believe.

What happens next? Well, everything goes to hell, as evidenced in the trailer. There’s lot of blood-soaked shots and glimpses of a giant bug knitted in-between the lovey dovey material when he first meets Louise.  With good early reviews crawling in, there’s no doubt that Benson and Moorhead are just getting started.

Alas, there’s no U.S. release date yet for Spring. Check out the plot summary and trailer below though and let us know your thoughts.

When his ailing mother dies, Evan (Lou Taylor Pucci, of the recent Evil Dead) realizes his life isn’t going anywhere. Grabbing his last paycheque, he decides to go on the European graduation trip that he never got a chance to take. Picking a destination at random, he arrives in Italy, where he backpacks and parties with other tourists. But everything changes for Evan when he arrives in an idyllic southern town and meets the enchanting Louise (German actress Nadia Hilker). A tender romance begins to bloom between the two — but Louise harbours a dark, primordial secret that could destroy the happiness they’re just beginning to build.