‘Prey’ star praises the ‘painstaking’ drive for representation onscreen

via Hulu

The team behind Prey went to great lengths to accurately portray Comanche language and culture, which pleased mixed Indigenous actor Julian Antelope Black.

Black, who plays Chief Kehetu in this newest, Comanche Nation-set, Predator installment, told ScreenRant that industry representation has been elevated thanks to the work that happened on the film.

“It’s been actually such a breath of well-needed fresh air in the last while to see the industry actually taking painstaking lengths to make sure things are told accurately and making sure to get the right people to advise, making sure they are going to use the language, making sure that it’s spoken right, having language and cultural advisors on set.”

Comanche/Blackfoot Jhane Myers was Comanche cultural advisor on Prey. Black sung her praises and proclaimed that through her presence and disposition, she inspired many of the young Indigenous people on set:

“She was just awesome to be around and work with, very approachable, which is so refreshing to see somebody in her position, and very receptive and open to collaboration and ideas, which is something I’d kind of not heard of at this level of a movie. So it was really nice to see. And I think it was very inspirational for a lot of our young people that were on set, whether they were cast in acting roles, or whether they were just background performers just out for the day. I think it was very, very inspirational for them to see one of their own in a position like that, and to be so approachable, it works on so many levels. I think.”

You can watch Prey in English or Comanche on Hulu today.