Princess Ahmanet Takes Center Stage In Latest Featurette And TV Spot For The Mummy


Cast your mind back to the moment when Universal pumped out the positively astonishing first trailer for The Mummy – astonishing for how it focused solely on the nail-biting plane crash, not the questionable ADR – and you’ll likely remember the eerie shot of Tom Cruise waking up in the morgue.

But this traumatic event proves to be much more than your average brush with death; Cruise, who is on board to headline Alex Kurtzman’s reboot as former military man Nick Morton, is now inexplicably linked to Princess Ahmanet, Sofia Boutella’s unruly deity otherwise known as The Mummy. So far, any additional story details are being kept stowed away in the dark crypts of the Prodigium, but one would assume Boutella’s all-powerful antagonist utilizes Nick Morton as some form of puppet to help her unleash her wrath.

Robbed of the chance to rule ancient Egypt, Princess Ahmanet’s tragic backstory is of vital important to The Mummy reboot, and up above, you’ll be able to delve a little deeper into the past. Indeed, today’s all-new promo makes a nice double bill with the film’s most recent international trailer, which unearthed a history lesson of the titular being. It’s just one of many gods that will soon populate Universal’s Monsters Universe, and the presence of Russell Crowe’s Dr. Jekyll in the following TV spot is a welcome reminder of the connective tissue that The Mummy will share with its cinematic offspring.

Princess Ahmanet will unleash her wrath – a pent-up wrath spanning millennia – upon the unsuspecting masses when The Mummy crashes into theaters on June 9th. Assuming all goes according to plan, and the box office numbers line up with Universal’s internal expectations, it’ll jump-start the studio’s interconnected Monsters Universe, one which is expected to make room for Van Helsing, the Invisible Man, the Creature from the Black Lagoon and many more famous cinematic critters.

Source: Syfy Wire