Prisoners Of The Ghostland Images Tease Nicolas Cage’s Insane New Movie

Prisoners of the Ghostland

Calling it a comeback might be a stretch, seeing as he never really went away, but Nicolas Cage is definitely on one of the hottest streaks his career has seen for years. It’s no coincidence that it’s come just as he decided to cast aside B-tier action thrillers and lend his unique talents to one of the most insane possible projects that ever came across his desk.

One month from today, neo-noir supernatural thriller Prisoners of the Ghostland arrives, and early reactions have indicated that it might be the craziest movie we’ve ever seen from an actor that thrives on insanity. The Academy Award winner stars as a bank robber named Hero, who gets broken out of jail in a place called Samurai Town by an evil governor. He soon finds himself strapped into a leather jumpsuit armed with explosives before being sent into an alternate dimension to rescue the governor’s adopted granddaughter.

That sounds positively bonkers, and the recently-released first trailer certainly promised as much. Now, you can feast your eyes on a dozen brand new images from Prisoners of the Ghostland below.

Psychological, existential, and all-round batsh*t thrillers Mandy and Color Out of Space, tongue-in-cheek amusement park slasher Willy’s Wonderland, the best-reviewed film of his entire career in Pig, and now Prisoners of the Ghostland all allow Cage to showcase different sides of his onscreen persona. And that’s without even mentioning The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, next year’s self-aware action comedy where he plays a fictionalized version of himself.

Fans of classic Cage Rage will already be champing at the bit to see Prisoners of the Ghostland, and the strong early reviews are set to see it live up to the hype.