Priyanka Chopra Says She Wants To Be The First Female James Bond


The question of who’s going to be the next James Bond is one of the biggest mysteries fans are chewing over right now, along with “when the heck are we actually going to see No Time To Die?” There’s a feeling that this time around the producers might shake things up and not just cast another white middle-aged man for the coveted part, and if they’re looking for a woman or a person of color to take over as 007, Priyanka Chopra is interested.

While speaking to Metro, Chopra was asked about previous comments she’s made on the topic of playing James, er, Jane Bond. The We Can Be Heroes star made clear that, sure, she would love to take the role, but the most important thing to her is that a female Bond happens in the first place.

“I mean it’s not up to me to make it a thing. It’ s up to people to be ready to watch a female Bond. We can keep talking about it, but someone’s got to make it,” said Chopra. “And if it ever gets made, I would obviously love to throw my name in the mix, as I have, as I will.”


Many folks would agree with the actress – who’s credited as Priyanka Chopra Jonas these days, following her marriage to Nick Jonas – on the need for a female Bond, but then again, others feel that it’s best to create original leading female roles and not gender-flip male ones. This is the opinion of Bond producer Barbara Broccoli, for one, who’s previously stated that she’s not looking to cast a woman as Daniel Craig’s replacement at this time.

Broccoli didn’t rule out a POC playing the part, though, so if there’s a big change coming for the character, then it could be that a non-white male actor is chosen. For instance, Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page has recently been linked to the gig and Idris Elba has remained a popular fan-cast for years now. Then again, the producers may wish to stick to the template set out in Ian Fleming’s novels and continue to portray Bond as Caucasian.

James Bond will return – eventually – in No Time To Die, currently on target to release this October.