Producer Hints Dredd 2 Could Go Down The Route Of Animation


Dredd 2 as an animated feature? It’s certainly not outside the realm of possibility, according to Adi Shankar.

Collider caught up with the prolific producer to discuss Netflix’s planned Castlevania series, and it was here that Shankar addressed the status of the long-rumored sequel. Unsurprisingly, it’s still very much a dormant property, and given Dredd 2 has spent almost five years languishing on the brink of development, news that Karl Urban’s judge, jury, and executioner is still stranded on the sidelines is more predictable than anything else. Even still, there’s one exciting morsel to be mined from Adi Shankar’s latest status report, and it involves a different approach to the live-action cult actioner that lit up theaters back in 2012.

Per Collider:

If anyone is still wondering, there’s no update on a Dredd sequel, but I’m gonna make it happen at some point. It may not be live-action, but it’s going to happen at some point. There will be more Judge Dredd at some point.

For a project that has been pinned back in development for years, Adi Shankar’s enthusiasm to get Dredd 2 off the ground – be it through live-action or animation – is admirable. It should be noted that the producer has no plans to continue his ultra-violent Judge Dredd: Superfiend web series, so assuming the sequel can garner a sense of momentum, it’ll likely explore a different part of the lore. Karl Urban has floated the idea of launching Dredd 2 via Amazon or Netflix, though it seems the actor will only reprise as the masked enforcer if the script is up to snuff.

There’s still no official update on Dredd 2, but fans can at least take solace in the fact that Shankar is open to exploring the realm of animation – something he’ll be doing very soon indeed when Netflix’s “super-violent” Castlevania Season 1, Part 1 bows in 2017.

Source: Collider