Production Details Suggest Spider-Man Will Play A Big Role In Captain America: Civil War



While fans of Spider-Man were generally heartened to hear that the character would be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there were also those that voiced concern about the prospect of standalone appearances that would simply constitute more of the same in terms of Spider-Man movies.

Thankfully, Marvel went some way to quash those fears when it announced Spider-Man’s first outing in the MCU would be in Captain America: Civil War – immediately giving fans the opportunity to see, not only a fresh take on the character, but also to see the character in an entirely new circumstance.


While it was initially assumed that Spider-Man’s contribution to Captain America’s next instalment would be relatively brief – given that this would be his introduction to the branded franchise generator – it has gradually become clear that the web-slinger is actually a more integral part of the project. It has been noted that the new Spider-Man actor, Tom Holland, has filmed scenes for the movie in Atlanta, Georgia and Germany – which indicates something more than just a cameo. In addition, it is now reported that the production has hired furniture to kit-out what will be Peter Parker’s bedroom. He won’t be just providing back-up to his superhero colleagues – Spider-Man will actually be seen in his natural habitat, brooding away with his expansive teenage angst.

This changes the complexion of Captain America: Civil War somewhat. What was previously sounding like a sprawling follow-up to Avengers: Age Of Ultron – bursting at the seams with superhero characters – is now noteworthy for promising our first real experience of Spider-Man working alongside other ‘supers’ in live-action, for a significant portion of the movie. That alone makes this film a much more interesting and exciting prospect.

Source: CBM

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