Do These Wolverine 3 Set Photos Confirm That X-23 Rumor?

With production on James Mangold’s The Wolverine 3 in full swing, we’re slowly starting to acquire a better picture of exactly what the movie will entail. After a bunch of snaps appeared online last week, depicting a shaggy-looking, fully-bearded Hugh Jackman, today a whole new crop have surfaced that include one of Logan’s old comrades.

As if we didn’t already know – thanks to Patrick Stewart himself confirming it – Jackman’s third and final Wolvie movie will see the fan-favorite mutant unite with his old pal Professor X. It’s an unusual development, as the film is supposedly drawing inspiration from Mark Millar’s alternate timeline comic Old Man Logan, which doesn’t feature the old prof. Change is to be expected, though, as in that series Wolvie teams up with Hawkeye on an epic road trip. Yeah, there’s no way Marvel would hand over Jeremy Renner for the sake of being loyal to source material.

In any case, this batch of new pics are also worthwhile checking out for another reason: the mysterious young girl. She could be a supporting character, or just in the movie for a scene or two. Who are we kidding, though? C’mon, she’s got to be X-23, right? The cloned mutant daughter of Wolverine who was rumored several weeks back.

Even if that turns out to be an unfounded piece of gossip, we’ve still got a lot to look forward to in Jackman’s last hurrah. Either way though, the world will find out one way or another on March 3, 2017 when The Wolverine 3 hits theaters.

Source: Just Jared