Former Halloween Star Says She’s Open To Returning For New Movie

Danielle Harris as Jamie Lloyd on Halloween 5 Poster

Who’s the third most prolific star in the Halloween franchise behind only Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence? It’s Danielle Harris, who’s appeared in four installments of the horror series over the decades. The actress played Jamie Lloyd, daughter of Laurie Strode, in Halloweens 4-5 and then turned up as Annie Brackett in Rob Zombie’s reboot movies. To date, though, she’s yet to return for Blumhouse’s films. But Harris would definitely be up for it if she was asked back.

While speaking to about the potential for her to return in some shape or form, she opened up about her fondness for the Halloween universe and how it feels like coming home, so of course she’d want to be invited back. Even despite her mixed feelings about the recent relaunch.

“When the next one comes up, if I had gotten a call, sure, if there was something super cool that made sense for me, absolutely,” Harris shared. “I’m not going to ever bite the hand that feeds me and I’m forever indebted to this franchise and I love it. It’s like going back to like summer camp. And you’re like, ‘Oh, I’ve missed you.’ It feels like home. I have so much fun here. That’s what it feels like to me to go back to the Halloween movies.”

2018’s Halloween wiped out all previous sequels from continuity, giving Laurie a new daughter, Karen (Judy Greer), who’s completely different from Jamie. So, Harris being invited back to play her original role seems unlikely, at least as part of Blumhouse’s series. But she could always portray another character, just like she did in the Zombie movies.

While the actress won’t be involved in it, we know that Halloween Kills will bring back a bunch of franchise veterans, including Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace, Nancy Stephens as Marion Chambers and Charles Cyphers as Sheriff Brackett. Anthony Michael Hall is also joining the cast as Tommy Doyle, who’s previously been portrayed by Brian Andrews and Paul Rudd.

Unfortunately, we won’t be getting a new Halloween movie this year as originally intended, with the sequel instead arriving next October, but it’s certainly shaping up to be a worthy follow-up to the 2018 reboot.