Is Prometheus Rated R?

Up until this point, all signs pointed to Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus being rated PG-13, but now we have news that the film may actually receive an R rating. Comic Book Movie is reporting that while many expected Scott to give into studio pressure and go with the PG-13, it seems as if he’s held his ground and taken the R, at least according to a ticket stub from an IMDB user.

Of course, an IMDB user is a far cry from official confirmation but I think it’s highly likely that the film will in fact be restricted. After all, the ticket stub is usually accurate and I can’t imagine anyone creating a fake ticket stub just for this purpose.

If Prometheus is indeed rated R, that’s fantastic news. Prometheus is a film that needs an R rating and would have suffered from getting slapped with a PG-13. When I first heard that Scott was going to take the PG-13 I was pretty upset, so if this news is indeed accurate, then colour me excited. Prometheus may turn out to be a genuinely horrifying film after all and Scott can give us the sci-fi/horror film that we’ve been waiting for since Alien.