Prometheus Visual Effects Breakdown

If you’ve seen Prometheus, you’ll know that it’s a real visual treat. In fact, the whole film is very well done. That being said, like with most Ridley Scott films, the real draw is the world that has been created on-screen and with Prometheus, it is no different.

Today, we have two great videos floating around on the internet that show us a visual effects breakdown. First, we get a look at the opening sequence as Weta Digital Visual Effects Supervisor Martin Hill discusses how it was all put together.

Next, we see the landing of the Prometheus on LV-223 as well as the finale crash scene and Visual Effects Supervisor Charley Henley from MPC (The Moving Picture Company) walks us through the sequence.

Both videos are great looks at some behind the scenes aspects of the film that fans will surely enjoy. I thought Prometheus was excellent and from a visual standpoint alone, it was dazzling. Though many criticize the film for being too open ended and for leaving too many questions unanswered, I loved it and thought that Scott did a fantastic job, it completely lived up to my expectations.

Anyways, check out the two videos below and let us know what you think.