The Prowler May Feature In 2018’s Animated Spider-Man Movie


All eyes right now are on Spider-Man: Homecoming. After Tom Holland’s grand debut as the new wall-crawler in Captain America: Civil War, fans are beyond eager to see more of him. Thankfully, they’ll get a chance to do just that when the hero’s solo outing hits in July. But for those who love all things Spider-Man, the fun won’t stop there.

Sony is busy prepping an animated film featuring the iconic hero that’s set to release in 2018. Rumor has it that it’ll be the Miles Morales version of the character who takes center stage, which means this is going to be a very different movie than what we see with Homecoming. So far, that’s all we’ve really heard about it, but earlier today, notorious scoopster Umberto Gonzalez dropped a hot rumor on Instagram which pointed to the Prowler showing up as well.


Originally Hobie Brown, a teenager who turned to a life of crime after being fired from his job, the character would go on to become an ally to Spidey in later years. However, given that the film will be based on the Ultimate Comics (seeing as it’ll feature Morales), this version of the Prowler will likely be Aaron Davis, Miles’ cat burglar uncle. It was him who was responsible for giving the young boy his powers in the first place, as Davis broke into an Oscorp lab at one point and accidentally brought home with him a genetically altered spider, which then bit his nephew while he was visiting.

With next to no information having been revealed about the animated flick yet, we really don’t know how closely the writers will stick to the source material. Furthermore, Gonzalez doesn’t provide any clues as to how the Prowler will factor into things. Still, the fact that he’s involved is definitely exciting and does give us some indication of which Spidey stories they may be adapting.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller (The LEGO Movie21 Jump Street) are involved with this one, so we imagine it’s going to be quite good, but with the December 21st, 2018 release date still a long ways away, don’t expect to hear too much more about it for some time. Right now the focus is on Spider-Man: Homecoming, and understandably so, but why not drop us a comment down below in the meantime letting us know how you think the Prowler will be involved in Spider-Man‘s upcoming animated outing?