Psychotic Mushrooms Abound In New Trailer For A Field In England


Ben Wheatley’s latest directorial effort, A Field In England keeps popping up on my radar because it seems so gloriously weird that I cannot wait to see if it holds up to the hype. With a new trailer and poster recently hitting the ground, my excitement for this movie has significantly increased.

The trailer might not look like much, but it’s plenty weird. A Field In England tells the story of a group of deserters during the English Civil War who run across an alchemist (Michael Smiley, of Wheatley’s Kill List) searching for treasure in a mushroom field. Not that you can get any of that from the trailer. There’s a lot of running and tripping and black and white and gunshots and fancy hats, but not much plot, per se. Nevertheless, it remains an intriguing if slightly incoherent taster for the film.

A Field In England also stars comics Julian Barratt (The Mighty Boosh) and Reece Shearsmith (The League Of Gentlemen), although A Field In England does not look particularly comedic at the moment. Still: mushrooms, alchemy and the English Civil War. That’s already kind of funny.

Meanwhile, we’ve also got one more poster (if the massive mushroom moon thingie did not get you interested last time) with all the requisite critical reactions about how awesome this movie is. We know. We’d like to see it now, please.

A Field In England will not hit US theatres until later this year, but Wheatley has decided to release it in the UK in multiple formats, including VOD, Blu-Ray, cinemas and the Film4 channel, all at the same time (July 5, 2013). So those of us in the United States are going to have to take what we can get before it gets a proper release here.

You can check out both the poster and the trailer for A Field In England below.

a-field-in- england