The Purge 5 Producers Have Met With Sylvester Stallone


Now that the wheels are turning on The Purge 5 and we’re less than one year from it storming cinemas, news pertaining to the next installment in one of Blumhouse Productions’ most notorious horror franchises should gradually start pouring in. In fact, we just recently learned that Everardo Gout (Days of Grace, Luke Cage) will be directing the picture.

Now that we have that out of the way, the fanbase can only continue pondering two things: where this flick falls on the overall timeline and who’ll round out the cast. When it comes to the former, your guess is as good as mine, as this could be set after either The First Purge or Election Year.

Well, if things are going the way we think, someone could very well give Frank Grillo competition in terms of sheer badassery – and it’s actually Sylvester Stallone. The reason we’re bringing this up is that key producers attached to the production – including franchise creator James DeMonaco and Jason Blum himself – have posted photos from an important meeting with “Sly” on Twitter. If you require proof, take a gander at the group shot found below.

To briefly sum up the situation, Blum first Tweeted out a picture showing he and his colleagues being twenty minutes early for a meeting with Stallone because DeMonaco “was so paranoid.” Then, that was followed by the above image taken post-meeting, which we’re hoping went well – even if they somehow ended up being late.

Of course, there’s no confirmation of their talks being Purge-related, but having all of those gentlemen under one roof is forcing media outlets to make that assumption. Granted, this could have been pertaining to a new Blumhouse intellectual property altogether, but fingers remain crossed for Stallone being on board for the next nailbiter.

The Purge 5 is set to arrive in theaters on July 10th, 2020.