The Purge Sequel Already in The Works


We haven’t even seen the opening weekend numbers for the Ethan Hawke led home invasion horror/thriller The Purge yetbut apparently studios have seen (err…heard?) enough already to green-light a sequel.

As it stands, the film has been given mixed reviews by critics and pre-screening audiences alike. While some are referring to it as an enthralling politically charged slasher fest, others are not so keen to its off-the-wall scenario. Given the fact that it’s a high-concept horror film, this really comes as no surprise.

Recently the California Film Commission sent out a list of films that are to go into production, The Purge 2 being among them. Blumhouse Productions seems to be playing it smart with this one. The market for horror flicks is at its regular demand and pumping out these kinds of low-budget films could be a very lucrative financial decision for the production company.

For those not up to date on this week’s creepy release, The Purge is a horror/thriller from writer and director James DeMonaco. It stars Ethan Hawke as family man James Sandin, as he tries to protect his loved ones from a group of deranged home invaders. The kicker is that the attack takes place on a night where all crime has been legalized for a 12-hour period, including murder. The film also stars supporting actress Lena Headey of Dredd and Game of Thrones as Hawke’s wife.

Are you seeing The Purge this weekend? Despite the fact that there’s hardly been a reception by the general audience, do the prospects of an already green-lit sequel interest you? Personally, I thought the film looked a little tacky and a little too reminiscent of recent home invasion films like The Strangers. I’m much more excited for Adam Wingard’s upcoming horror movie You’re Next.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to check out our review of The Purge to see what our own Matt Donato thought of it.