The Purge Is Now Trending After Republican National Convention

The purge

The Republican National Convention is underway, where the nation’s freakiest ghouls gather to make bizarre speeches and plot the future destruction of the planet. We’re halfway through and things have already gotten seriously odd, with the cherry on top being Kimberly Guilfoyle’s surreal screaming speech delivered to a largely empty room. It seems that this was too out-there even for Trump’s campaign, with his advisors describing it as “strange” and “weird.”

Further eyebrows were raised by an appearance by Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the gun-toting couple who made news as they threatened protesters walking past their home. They claimed that the Democrats want to “abolish the suburbs” and would bring “crime and lawlessness” to our streets. Strong words from a couple who are facing felony charges for unlawful use of a weapon.

It’s been a circus so far, and many users on social media were reminded of the society shown in The Purge movies. So much so that the franchise began trending nationally soon after the convention began.

The Purge

Honestly, they couldn’t have picked a better series to reference. As the Purge franchise has developed, the films have become explicitly political, finding their feet as a scarily accurate mirror for Trump-era America. For example, the most recent entry, 2018’s The First Purge, takes place on Staten Island, its heroes are people of color and the villains are racists dressed as the Klan and Nazis. It’s well worth a watch.

All of which makes the next film in the franchise – The Forever Purge – one to look out for. This is intended to be the final entry in the Purge series and was originally scheduled to be released on July 10th. Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused it to be delayed a whole year until July 9th, 2021. That may mean it’ll miss out on being the final word on Trump’s presidency. Though let’s face it, Joe Biden probably won’t be much better.