Leaked Star Wars: The Last Jedi Artwork Sheds Light On A Rather Striking New Stormtrooper


SWNN has relayed a slew of alleged design sketches today for Star Wars: The Last Jedi featuring crimson guards, a Stormtrooper Officer, and a towering AT-AT fitted with a huge cannon that’s located just above the cockpit.

Initially unearthed via Facebook, the first concept piece is a rendering of a First Order Guard sporting a rather striking set of blood-red armor. Wielding what appears to be a double-edged blade, comparisons have been made between this purported character and Emperor Palpatine’s Crimson Guard from Return of The Jedi. And though that may be true – sources close to Star Wars News Net are inclined to believe it is – if nothing else, that artwork in question aligns with those designs that surfaced online earlier in the week, which drew attention to Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis) and his legions of royal guards.

The color scheme and general design of the henchman’s armor certainly checks out, though that alleged Crimson Guard isn’t the only design to emerge online. Embedded above, you’ll also find a slightly remodeled version of the classic Stormtrooper, which appears to be a high-ranking officer of the First Order ready to bellow orders at his subordinates. As for the AT-ATs, these four-legged combat walkers, in particular, seemed to have been built in such a way that the cannon is mounted on the body, rather than underneath the cockpit.

Looking beyond the rumor mill for a very brief moment, John Boyega (Finn) and Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) engaged in a good-hearted Twitter exchange regarding The Last Jedi and Disney’s no-nonsense spoiler policy. Though they may be bound by NDAs, Boyega and Hamill still found time to joke about the sequel’s main antagonist.

All will be revealed when Star Wars: The Last Jedi makes a beeline for U.S. theaters on December 15th. Those across the pond and indeed in select parts of Europe can look forward to welcoming Rian Johnson’s galactic sequel a little ahead of schedule (read: December 14th), and if you’re wanting to tread further into rumor territory, Tuesday uncovered a raft of purported story details concerning Luke, Snoke, and the adventure that awaits.

Source: Facebook

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