New Quad Posters For The Double Feature Jesse Eisenberg And Mia Wasikowska


Director Richard Ayoade premiered his newest film, The Double, to mostly positive reviews this year at the Toronto International Film Festival. Though I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to see it, our very own David Baldwin did and he seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. In his review, he said the following:

Bleak and seldomly hilarious, The Double is a unique wonder that has a great look to it.

Described by many as a cult classic that’s a trippy, confusing, but ultimately fun experience, the film certainly isn’t one for the masses and probably won’t appeal to a lot of people. It’s apparently a very difficult film but for those who appreciate this kind of stuff, it will be a treat.

Personally, I’m excited for it as I do tend to enjoy these types of movies. Plus, The Double is drawing comparisons to Terry Gilliam’s Brazil, which is definitely a good thing.

Unfortunately, there’s no US release date set for it just yet but today, we have two new quad posters featuring the film’s two stars (Jesse Eisenberg and Mia Wasikowska), which you can view below.

The film follows Jesse Eisenberg as Simon, “a man who arrives at work only to find an exact double of himself has usurped his tenuous position in the company. Routinely humiliated by his boss (Wallace Shawn), the neurotic Simon now has to deal with a doppelgänger that is everything he isn’t: confident, charming, successful, superficial.”

Take a look at the posters for The Double below and let us know if this is the type of film that would appeal to you.