Quentin Tarantino calls ‘Pulp Fiction’ lawsuit “offensively meritless”


Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction is one of the greatest and most iconic independent films of the modern era, with countless college dorms being adorned with posters of either Uma Thurman’s Mia Wallace, or the classic double act of Samuel L. Jackson’s Jules and John Travolta’s Vincent.

The instant classic hauled in $213 million at the box office on an $8 million budget, won widespread critical acclaim and found itself shortlisted for seven Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director, with Tarantino walking away as the victor in the Best Original Screenplay category.

However, the movie has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons recently, after studio Miramax launched legal action over the filmmaker’s intention to auction off seven handwritten scenes from the Pulp Fiction script as NFTs, with the company claiming that they control the rights to the title and didn’t agree to Tarantino profiting from their intellectual property.

As per Deadline, the Reservoir Dogs and Django Unchained creator’s legal team described the move as “offensively meritless”, offering that the only reason Miramax are kicking up a fuss is because its reputation has been destroyed by association with the Weinsteins. Suffice to say, the chances are very high that Tarantino is going to come out on top and proceed with his Pulp Fiction NFT auction unhindered.