Quentin Tarantino Probably Won’t Ever Revisit Kill Bill


Last week, Quentin Tarantino’s 2015 western The Hateful Eight was re-released on Netflix in the form of a re-edited four-episode miniseries subtitled the “Extended Version.” Subsequently, Chris Evangelista of /Film reached out to the director, who clarified that he was personally involved in overseeing this new cut.

Now, since Tarantino is in the habit of revisiting and tweaking his old works, some of you may be wondering if we can expect to see Kill Bill get a similar treatment. Specifically, many fans are still waiting for a proper release of the extended cut, titled Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair. First screened in 2011, the cut edits the two volumes together into a single, complete work, and among the lucky few who’ve seen it, many still regard it as the definitive version of the Uma Thurman revenge saga.

From the sound of things, however, Tarantino considers his re-edit of The Hateful Eight to be a one-off, telling /Film:

“[There’s] the idea that now you can make a movie, and the movie is the movie, and the movie has all the limitations that the movie has that a novel doesn’t have, that’s the way it is. But the idea that after that, after that is done, after that movie is said and done, not that that’s just some ghost or some weird little version, but the idea that you could have a fuller version come out, after the fact, that’s kind of exciting. That’s kind of interesting.

“Now, in the case of Kill Bill the Whole Bloody Affair, Kill Bill is the one movie I’ve made where everything I shot is in the movie, because we had two movies.”

It seems that Tarantino has little interest in revisiting Kill Bill, meaning that fans in North America may have to rely on imports if they want to see the uncut version.

In any case, Tarantino has his hands pretty full these days with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. In his interview with /Film, the director mentioned that he’s currently in the mix-stage for the project, which reportedly tells the story of a television actor (Leonardo DiCaprio) and a stunt double (Brad Pitt) who embark on an odyssey to make a name for themselves in 1969 Los Angeles. We’ll find out how it stacks up against Tarantino’s best work when the pic hits theaters on June 26th.