Quentin Tarantino Says His Tenth Film Could Be His Last

In no way considering how we talentless degenerates might get our fix of intricately-layered pop culture conversations paired with moments of comical ultra-violence, Quentin Tarantino mentioned recently that his tenth movie might end up being his last. His seventh feature film, Django Unchained, is on its way, but Tarantino is keen to highlight the fact that he doesn’t want to end up with like one of those old bastards still clinging to their glory days.

Okay, I’ve paraphrased that slightly. Here’s what Tarantino said:

“I just don’t want to be an old-man filmmaker. I want to stop at a certain point. Directors don’t get better as they get older. Usually the worst films in their filmography are those last four at the end. I am all about my filmography, and one bad film f*cks up three good ones … When directors get out-of-date, it’s not pretty.”

“I’m on a journey that needs to have an end and not be about me trying to get another job. I want this artistic journey to have a climax. I want to work toward something. You stop when you stop, but in a fanciful world, 10 movies in my filmography would be nice. I’ve made seven. If I have a change of heart, if I come up with a new story, I could come back. But if I stop at 10, that would be okay as an artistic statement.”

It’d be a damn shame if Quentin Tarantino actually decided to stop directing at ten films, but he’d at least be willing to do it for the right reasons – to bow out gracefully. Something tells me that he wouldn’t be able to stop completely even if he tried, but you never know. And, hey, Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg have produced some of their best work in the…. uh… well, I mean, they were good in the 90s… they… it’s… um… what was I saying again?

Source: SlashFilm

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