Quicksilver Destined To Return For X-Men: Apocalypse


Gone are the days when a film’s future spinoffs were a thing to be contemplated by fans, considered by execs and ultimately decided upon when the box office receipts roll in. X-Men: Days Of Future Past hasn’t even hit cinema screens yet and talk is already drifting to the next instalment in the franchise: X-Men: Apocalypse. Namely, a new mutant by the name of Quicksilver, played in Fox’s Marvel Universe by Evan Peters.

Writer Simon Kinberg recently chatted with Total Film about the fate of Quicksilver, and who is likely to appear beside him in the next entry:

“We talked about bringing Scarlet Witch into the mix for this film, and there was actually a little scene we shot that we ended up cutting from the movie that alluded to her. But it was a sort of interstitial scene that didn’t push the movie forward, and so it ended up being cut, like lots of bits and pieces in a movie that’s this complicated and with this many characters to follow. But he would absolutely be back for the next X-Men movie.”

This is – well first off – a bit spoilery. Now we know that whatever happens in DoFP won’t result in Quicksilver’s expiration. Other than that, it’s pretty exciting news. His sister, Scarlet Witch, would throw another spanner in the works. Mainly because of that other superhero franchise, The Avengers, which has already begun filming its sequel, Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Marvel’s big ensemble sequel will also star Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Yes, they’re both allowed – it’s a complex rights issue.

For those who stayed for the end credits of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, you’ll have shrieked with excitement/grunted with pleasure at their first brief segment of screen time. Except, its Godzilla duo Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen playing the mutant siblings. Kinberg later addressed this issue:

“It wasn’t something we anticipated, because we didn’t know they were using him in The Avengers movie. It got publicized weeks after we made the decision that we had done it, and then after that even, I think it was a little while before the controversy started in terms of them using him too.”

Hmm – what do you think? Excited for Quicksilver to be confirmed for more X-Men action?

X-Men: Days Of Future Past opens this Friday, and X-Men: Apocalypse will follow in May 2016.

Source: Total Film