Avengers 4 Rumored To Bring Back Another Long Dead Character


By now, you may’ve heard that Avengers 4 is expected to feature time travel. In particular, set photos have shown us many members of the cast back in their costumes from The Avengers, suggesting that the movie could bring things full circle and revisit the Battle of New York. But that might not be the only past MCU film that’s being revisited.

According to The Express, Spanish fan site Marvel Spoiler Oficial is reporting that Aaron Taylor-Johnson was on set for Avengers 4. That’s quite surprising to hear, as we haven’t seen the British actor in the MCU since his character was killed off at the end of Age of Ultron back in 2015.

To jog your memory, he played Pietro Maximoff AKA Quicksilver. Despite being a major hero in the comics, Scarlet Witch’s twin was written out after just a single proper appearance. Possibly because Fox had already nailed their own version of the hero in the X-Men movies.

Still, Marvel has never ruled out the idea of Quicksilver returning at some point – director Joss Whedon even shot an alternate ending for Ultron which featured Pietro miraculously recovered from his bullet wounds. Now, it looks like the studio will be bringing him back into the mix, though it’s unlikely that we’ll see Maximoff return to life. Instead, his appearance in the film will probably occur thanks to time travel being introduced, as we mentioned above. Chalk that up as speculation for now, though.

We don’t have any photos confirming Taylor-Johnson’s presence on set but, going by the celebratory “chuck ’em all in” mentality of Infinity War, we’re inclined to believe that Quicksilver will show his face – at least for a quick cameo. After all, the aforementioned event film gave us the long-awaited return of Red Skull. If Avengers 4 then brought back Quicksilver and, say, maybe Agent Coulson, it’d be many of our dream cameos ticked off. Let’s keep those fingers crossed, eh?

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