Watch: New Quiet Place Part II Trailer Sees Everyone On The Run


New horror is just weeks away, so start getting excited, folks.

A Quiet Place Part II, the much-anticipated sequel to 2015’s A Quiet Place, is set for release on March 20th. And if you weren’t already hyped enough (you might not be. It’s possible), Paramount Pictures have released another trailer for the film today and have titled it “Fight.”

The pic will see Emily Blunt and John Krasinski returning to their roles as star and director respectively (though the latter will appear briefly in flashbacks, too). That’s not the most interesting thing I noticed on the production notes, though. That accolade goes to the producer credit given to Michael Bay on both movies. Interesting to me because I wasn’t aware he had a (well-established) role in producing horror flicks. Which probably says more about my ignorance than it does about the film industry.

Burrowing even further into the Michael Bay rabbit hole, did you know he made an action film for Netflix that was released in December? They gave him $150,000,000 for this thing. It’s called 6 Underground and looks like a direct-to-DVD B movie that you’d find in the bargain bin at a Blockbuster. How those economics work out, god knows. I hope Netflix have some good accountants. At least making The Irishman made sense on a publicity level. Though the studio claims 6 Underground was seen by 83 million people, it has only 86 critic reviews according to Rotten Tomatoes. You do the math.

Sorry, Bay-tangent over. A Quiet Place Part II is on the way, but now with added “fight.” I say “fight” because I’ve watched the trailer, and adequate though it may be, it’s more “run” than “fight.” But I’ll let you be the judges of that.