Adam Driver goes Jurassic in new ’65’ trailer


Recently, the world got a brief look at Adam Driver in a new and mysterious movie with science-fiction elements titled 65. Now, a full look at the feature has been unveiled and it is taking the Star Wars veteran into a Jurassic world built by A Quiet Place alums.

A trailer for the film to be distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing began circulating online today. It starts with Driver’s Mills giving a log after crashing a transport ship filled with people on an exploratory mission. From here, he issues a call for help, notes the planet he is on has breathable air, finds a young female survivor and, then, at night, they come face-to-face with a huge T-Rex.

Just how the film will reconcile Driver and Ariana Greenblatt existing when our world was 65 million years removed from how it is today remains to be seen. Later shots in the footage include Driver promising his young charge they will get home as dinosaurs attack the remains of his ship, hiding in confined spaces and being dragged off into the darkness by some smaller dinosaur types.

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods of A Quiet Place fame wrote the piece and also co-direct it and Sam Raimi is on board as a producer. Several online are intrigued at the idea as of this story’s filing, though, for one fan, the title does not match up with actual history.

The 65 movie will make its way into cinemas March 10. It was originally set for 2022 but got four delays.