An R-Rated Cut Of A Wonder Woman Animated Movie From 2008 Is On The Way


Last year, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice generated a great deal of excitement when an extended cut of the movie was released on Blu-ray with an R-Rating. Fans wondered at the time whether that would become the norm for DC Films, hence why rumblings of an R-Rated Director’s Cut of Wonder Woman got people talking a little earlier today.

If you’re thinking that’s premature considering the fact that Patty Jenkins’ effort hasn’t even reached theaters yet, you’d be right, as it’s actually an animated feature from 2008 which is being re-released. The original PG-13 version was pretty violent, so it’s not clear just how much this new rating will change the film or how many extra minutes of footage Wonder Woman fans can expect to see. Still, the timing of this is definitely opportune, given that the live-action version is arriving in theaters in just a few short months.

As we all know, the R-Rated adaptation of Batman: The Killing Joke was a huge success for Warner Bros. after being released on both the big screen and on Blu-ray, but the studio hasn’t yet revealed whether the 2009 Wonder Woman movie will be getting a limited run in theaters as well. We wouldn’t rule it out, though, especially with all the hype surrounding the iconic character at the moment. Either way, we’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, tell us, do you have any interest in this R-Rated Wonder Woman film? As always, sound off down below with your thoughts!