Rachel McAdams Reveals Why She Joined The Cast Of Doctor Strange


Despite a recent press release confirming that Rachel McAdams is part of the Doctor Strange cast, the role she will play is currently unknown. Rumours point to Night Nurse, a character who had a major part in the Doctor Strange: The Oath miniseries, and if that report is accurate, we obviously won’t be seeing Clea in the movie, as Night Nurse would then go on to become a love interest for the Sorcerer Supreme.

While it may be some time yet before we find out exact specifics on her role, that hasn’t stopped the actress from opening up about her upcoming film. In a recent interview, McAdams was asked why she decided to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the True Detective star revealed one simple reason for her decision:

“I mean, I just love the director. I met with Scott [Derrickson] and loved his vision, he was so passionate. And the opportunity to work with Benedict was kind of a no-brainer. And Marvel makes amazing films, so it was a complete package.”

While we haven’t seen McAdams on set just yet, the actress confirmed that she’s already started work on the movie, so there’s at least a slim chance we’ll hear more about who she’s playing in the coming weeks/months.

As for Derrickson’s unique approach to the project, McAdams revealed that Doctor Strange is one Marvel movie which is going to be unlike all of the ones which have come before.

“It’s definitely not going to be like any of the other films.”

We’ll find out whether or not that’s true when Doctor Strange is released next year. As the second of Marvel’s 2016 movies, it remains to be seen when the promotional campaign for Doctor Strange is going to kick off, but a teaser trailer with next May’s Captain America: Civil War ahead of a big push at Comic-Con seems very likely indeed.