Rambo 5 Might Be Called Rambo: Last Blood

Sylvester Stallone Rambo First Blood movie image

That’s right, John Rambo has not called it a day. He isn’t too old for this shit. Rambo 5 is alive and kicking. The next entry – and I say next because despite the title, it very well might not be the last – could already have a name. According to a hot tip delivered by Coming Soon reader ‘nopr100’ – the moniker will apparently be Rambo: Last Blood.

The story of the in-development movie is lengthy enough to warrant a short pamphlet or novella. In an effort to keep up-to-date on the most recent gossip, let’s do a run-down. After the 2008 reboot of the series, simply titled Rambo, brought in $113 million at the box office, talk of another bloody romp began. At the time it was rumoured that Stallone was to adapt the novel Hunter by James Byron Huggins, but nothing materialized.

This was followed up by Stallone’s own complete denial in such a project back in 2010. When doing press for The Expendables, he was prompted by a reporter on the status of Rambo’s next outing:

“…for Rambo to go on another adventure might be, I think, misinterpreted as a mercenary gesture and not necessary. I don’t want that to happen.”

Fast forward to June this year, and Splendid Films issued a statement indicating that yes, another outing for the Green Beret was on the cards:

“With Rambo V, Sylvester Stallone returns in his iconic role. This time he goes up against a Mexican cartel. Stallone describes the new Rambo as his version of No Country for Old Men.”

But… wait… what now? Without Stallone? Yes, the thought of Rambo ever being played by another is too hard to bear. Well – Stallone seemed to have completely changed his tune just last month, when he apparently was already preparing for the part:

“I’m getting ready for it [Rambo 5]. I’m starting to work out. I’m going to be appropriately vicious and all that stuff, but intellectual. A killer with heart. Smart, yet stupid. Tall, yet short. Broad, but thin. You know what I mean. We’re going to try to cover all the boundaries.”

So, with Stallone in the mode, his producing partner Avi Lerner on board to produce, and a brief synopsis from Splendid, the title really tops it all off, doesn’t it? Or are you not keen? Let us know what you think of Rambo 5‘s rumoured title in the comments section.