Rambo: Last Blood Extended Cut Is Now Available To Stream

Rambo Last BLood

When Rambo: Last Blood had its theatrical run back in the fall, two different versions of the film were made available by Lionsgate. In North America and the UK, the released cut ran at 89 minutes. Last Blood not only ran 12 minutes longer in international territories though, but contained an alternate opening, too.

Quite why it was released like that is unclear, but the upshot was a large number of people missing out on the additional footage – an omission that audiences in the US will now be able to correct. And that’s because the extended, international cut of the movie is now available to stream on Amazon Prime. Hooray? I’ll let you place the requisite emotional modifier.

Rambo: Last Blood was the fifth (fifth!) entry in the Rambo saga, and like the three preceding sequels, it was met with a decidedly negative critical reaction. Though with the lockdown limiting our options for filling the day, and increasing despair at the ensuing economic crisis, watching a bunch of ropey action B-movies with a charismatic lead might be the comfort food we need.

Of course, it wasn’t always bad for Rambo. The first film had a kind of pulpy charm to it, brawny but anchored by a surprisingly thoughtful final act. If you’re looking for more compelling viewing than Last Blood, start with its mirrored antecedent, First Blood. If, however, you do check out the new movie on Amazon Prime, leave us a comment below. We’re not Rotten Tomatoes, but it’s always good to get different perspectives.

Perhaps Rambo: Last Blood is an under-appreciated gem; a minor classic we’ll all be kicking ourselves for missing when the reappraisal comes in 10 years? After all, sitting at a 27% Rotten rating, its stock can’t exactly fall much lower.

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