Bohemian Rhapsody Star Reportedly Eyed For MCU’s Silver Surfer


The Fantastic Four are definitely coming to the MCU in the next few years, but Marvel are no doubt also going to make use of the wider collection of characters from that corner of the comic book universe that they just got from Fox. At the top of the pile is Silver Surfer, who was previously brought to live-action in 2007’s Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, but general audiences have mostly forgotten about that by now. That may be why the studio is feeling confident enough in the hero to give him his own solo movie.

This is something that’s been reported before, of course, but now insider Mikey Sutton is saying that his sources are pointing to the project finally being in the works. Building on what other outlets have had to say, Sutton’s also revealed that he’s heard that none other than Rami Malek may be in the running to play Norrin Radd. The scoopster further claims that the Silver Surfer film would predate the FF reboot and be the first time the franchise gets to grips with the foursome’s mythos.

This isn’t the first time that Malek has been attached to the MCU, of course, with We Got This Covered likewise hearing that Marvel wishes to work with the actor. With an Oscar under his belt and roles in blockbusters like No Time To Die, he’s definitely the sort of star that the studio would love to have as part of their team. He’d be a pretty good bit of casting for Radd, as well, as someone of Malek’s talent would be able to convey the full range of emotion through what would presumably be a motion capture performance.

In any case, while it’s very possible that a Silver Surfer flick is on its way, it coming before the next Fantastic Four movie does contradict multiple other reports that say Marvel is already moving ahead with that project. Kevin Feige himself teased it at last year’s Comic-Con, after all. Let’s file this one away as a rumor for now then. But you never know, it could be onto something.

Source: Mikey Sutton