Ranked: Which Avengers would pick you up from the airport?

captain america civil war

The Avengers are an all-star team, filled with amazing powers and diverse personalities… but which ones would actually be a good mate to you and pick you up from the airport, like mates do?

In this scenario, you are mates with each of these Avengers and have previously arranged to have them pick you up from the airport after a week away. 



Spider-Man is kind-hearted and passionate about helping as many people as he can. He’ll save your cat who’s gone missing from the bodega, he’ll help an old lady across the street, and he’ll also suddenly get sidetracked because something more important has popped up like a school project. Also, I don’t know if he’s got a driver’s license.

Verdict: Would say he can, then forget or show up an hour late


In between killing Yakuza and looking after his kids, Clint Barton is probably not in a position to pick you up from the airport. You wouldn’t even ask him, and if you did, he’d probably have to bring one of his kids with him for the drive. 

Verdict: No

The Hulk 

hulk thor ragnarok

Bruce Banner is a brilliant scientist and generally a very cool-headed person. However, he’d get very easily pissed off by traffic and then turn into The Hulk. So 100% not a good idea. 

Verdict: No

Doctor Strange 

Doctor Strange

Dr. Stephen Strange does not have working hands, and has a bad history of crashing cars. Give him a wide berth and maybe just ask him to send some of those sling-ring portals your way. I mean frankly, if he’s able to sling-ring you from the airport, you might as well ask him to just cast a portal to and from your destination in the first place. 

Verdict: Yes, by magical technicality 



The Soul Stone bearing android Vision has some absolutely spectacular powers. His ability to fly alone should make it ideal for him to pick you up, but he’d probably bore you with philosophical questions during the journey and you’d just wish you never asked him. 

Verdict: For your sanity, no. 

Captain Marvel

captain marvel

Arguably the most powerful Avenger, Carol Danvers is a former pilot who spends her time travelling light years to save worlds and galaxies. In Endgame, she essentially picks Nebula and Tony Stark up and brings them back home so it’s in her wheelhouse. She would also bring a cat with her, Goose, so this is possibly the most ideal scenario. 

Verdict: Yes. 

Ant-Man & The Wasp

Former petty criminal Scott Lang and partner Hope van Dyne are one of Marvel’s dynamic duos on screen. With Scott’s blind optimism and Hope’s pragmatic attitude, they’d be the duo who would pick you up and also use some shrinking car to pick you up so you can beat traffic. Unfortunately, you’d also be stuck in the back of the dodgy van they use and may get sucked into the Quantum Realm. 

Verdict: Yes, at your own peril. 

Black Panther

T’Challa is just a universally good, measured, balanced, and reliable person. He’s a good bloke through and through. Not only would he pick you up on time, he’d be genuinely interested in your trip, and buy you a coffee. 

Verdict: Yes


The Nordic God of Thunder has been on several very long road trips and sunk his fair share of Asgardian meads. He would try and pick you up, but get pulled over for drunk driving before a prolonged legal battle about how he can’t probably get properly drunk because he’s a god? Then you’d have to be a witness. 

Verdict: No, unless you want to be in a prolonged legal battle

Scarlet Witch


Alongside Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange, probably the most powerful Avenger. Wanda Maximoff just wants a normal life, some friends, and wants the banality of life. She’d pick you up and then maybe trap you in a simulation of a 60s sitcom.

Verdict: Yes, especially if you like the 60s

Falcon / Captain America

Sam Wilson is another certified top bloke. After inheriting the Captain America mantle he’s taken on a lot more responsibility and clarified to himself that he’s worthy. He’d pick you up by flying and probably just make it as nice an experience as possible. 

Verdict: Yes

Iron Man

iron man

He’s dead.

Verdict: No


Sebastian Stan in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Bucky Barnes, 100 years old, is without a doubt going to be pulled over because no cop will believe his driver’s license is legit. 100 years old? Yeah right champ, you look like you’re like 35. 

Verdict: No