Ray Fisher Open To Starring In DCEU Teen Titans Movie


He’s been depicted as a founding member of the Justice League in the DC Extended Universe, but older fans will always know Cyborg as a Teen Titan first and foremost. Victor Stone was a major player on the teen superhero team for decades before he was upgraded into a Justice Leaguer for The New 52 reboot in 2011. Given that, what are the chances of Ray Fisher appearing in a Teen Titans movie?

The Cyborg star was asked this while attending Wizard World Philadelphia and it turns out he’s entirely open to the idea if that’s what Warner Bros. decides to do one day. “I mean, nothing is off the table, really,” he said, before speaking about what he wants to deal with in his future film appearances as the character:

“It’s like, stories with consequence actually really appeal to me, where characters are going through recognizable struggle that I see in every day life. So if that translates to Titans or a Cyborg standalone or Justice League 2, as long as that’s there, I’m sold, man. I’m good with anything.”

As Fisher mentions, the original plan was for him to get his own Cyborg solo movie, with the project pencilled in for a 2020 release a few years back. However, things aren’t moving too quickly on that front just yet. Likewise, Justice League 2 should have been out next summer but, with director Zack Snyder no longer a part of the franchise, it looks like any sequels to the underwhelming team-up film have been shelved for the time being.

So, a Teen Titans movie sounds perfect then, right? Well, maybe, but it’s worth mentioning that DC is already working on Titansa TV show starring the group. Cyborg won’t initially appear on the series, but he’s been pegged for spinoff Doom Patrol, which will likely lead to him joining Titans as well. Knowing how DC’s movie and TV shows tend to cover different ground, it sounds like WB doesn’t have any plans to bring the team to the big screen anytime soon.

Still, there are several other opportunities for Cyborg to show up in future DCEU productions, with The Flash‘s solo movie, even if it isn’t Flashpoint anymore, probably being the best bet as of now.

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