Ray Liotta Joins Cogan’s Trade

Actors seem to be really digging Cogan’s Trade at the moment, and it’s not hard to see why. Great cast under a very talented director who we simply haven’t seen enough of and a fascinating premise, how can anyone in Hollywood be keeping themselves away? Well Ray Liotta, perhaps still most well known for Goodfellas, has joined the stunning cast which is readying to shoot in a few weeks.

Liotta will have a crucial part in the film’s plot, he will play Mark ‘Markie’ Trattman who instigates the card game which leads Jackie Cogan (played by Brad Pitt) to be double crossed and then go on a trail of revenge. This could easily see Liotta being put back into better films, which he has been frequently absent from as of late. The news of him joining comes via The Hollywood Reporter, he will star alongside Richard Jenkins, Sam Rockwell, Casey Affleck, James Gandolfini and Bella Heathcote. The article also says that Javier Bardem and Mark Ruffalo are among the cast members too. I had no prior knowledge of this but if true, then you couldn’t wish for a better cast. I personally cannot wait.