Ray Liotta Reveals His Scene In The Muppets…Again!


We all know actor Ray Liotta for numerous roles revolving around crooked cops and gangsters, obviously pointing to Goodfellas for sparking this continuing image, so of course everyone got a little curious when he was cast in the upcoming Disney sequel The Muppets…Again!. Ray Liotta sharing the screen with a bunch of puppets in a more kid-friendly movie? We knew something good had to be brewing, but now we know exactly what to expect.

Today I sat down with Ray and some other journalists for a roundtable interview while he was promoting his newest role in The Iceman, Ariel Vromen’s new film, and naturally, we asked what upcoming projects we could expect to see Ray appear in down the road. Getting excited, he brought up The Muppets…Again!, and this is how he explained the scene he participates in:

“With the Muppets? We sing and dance. Me and Danny Trejo are in prison, Kermit is there as well as scattered other Muppets. Kermit gets thrown into jail because they think he’s somebody he’s not, and the identical of him, this guy Constantine, is going out and doing bad things. So yeah, we’re just singing and dancing. Tina Fey is the Warden, Ricky Gervais is somebody in it, it was a lot of fun. It’s really funny. It’s all singing and dancing.”

Hold the phone. You’re telling me we get to see Ray Liotta and Danny Trejo portray convicts who sing and dance with The Muppets in a jail – together? There were so many amazing cameos in 2011’s The Muppets, but this news has me especially excited. I mean, honestly, who doesn’t want to see two of the toughest on-screen personalities go all Neil Patrick Harris and put on a musical number with cute, adorable, puppets??

Not that I needed any more reasons to be excited for a Muppet movie involving a Kermit look-alike and a European jewel-heist, Ray Liotta just made my day with the assurance that director James Bobin will be delivering equally enjoyable cameo appearances in The Muppets…Again!. Please, please let me witness a Ray Liotta versus Danny Trejo dance-off. If that happens, my life would be complete – but unfortunately we’ll have to wait until 2014 to find out.