Read A Description For Upcoming Thor: The Dark World Footage

Now that patience is a thing of the past, with fans incapable of waiting for actual footage without reading a description of said footage first, the latest previews of Thor: The Dark World – which premiered in Italy earlier this week – have resulted in a passage of text which describes exactly what somebody with an incredible memory saw. This is crucially tied to the coming trailer, apparently, which is said to contain a lot of what you can read below:

In the preview, a voice-over is heard with the oath of the God of Thunder as the new supreme ruler. We see a clash between Thor and the enemy army, in a world that is neither Asgard let alone the Earth. We see Chris Hemsworth wielding his hammer and Tom Hiddleston as Loki first wounded without a helmet, with long, loose hair and then imprisoned; his anger increasingly desperate and irrational. Then there’s a scene later in which he is free again, but still furious.

Against the backdrop of a forest, in the middle of a clearing, among the dust, we in fact face off anthropomorphic creatures, but also a big “gorilla” krosan tusker: a rather alien fauna varies so, although not extreme in size (there are also some envoys/ambassadors of a people mysterious, with oval face and black eyes, elongated and sunken).

The rest of the images show glimpses of Asgard, with Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Natalie Portman in clothes that seem more like a princess; an Asgardian princess. In between, there are images of an epic battle on horseback, who seems to have left an epic cloak-and-dagger. The threat to the Asgardians is certainly a new alien race pale (now identified as the dark elves).

A black spaceship shaped irregularly looks like a serious threat to Asgard. More sequences show Natalie Portman then alongside Thor lying on the ground, probably overwhelmed in a clash.

There’s reason to take this with a pinch of salt, however, given that this isn’t official Marvel stuff. Does it get you pretty excited, anyway, though? What the heck is that black spaceship? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thor: The Dark World is out in theatres on November 8, 2013.

Source: Screen Rant