Read The Shooting Script For The Dark Knight Rises

Fans of The Dark Knight Rises rejoice, for today you can download your very own copy of the screenplay for the film, which was written by Christopher and Jonathan Nolan.

The screenplay was recently published in the UK in a collection entitled The Dark Knight Trilogy: The Complete Screenplays, but in the states the screenplays are only available together on the Kindle thus far, with the book due out on August 15.

That being said, a Twitter user has been nice enough to share a PDF copy of The Dark Knight Rises screenplay.

I enjoyed The Dark Knight Rises, but admittedly had a few problems with it, particularly in the story and character areas. Expanding on the character issues, I also found Bane to be a rather weak villain, with much of his dialogue being garbled, the quality of which seemed to vary from scene to scene.

However, thanks to this screenplay, I, and many others, can now go through and see exactly what was being said. Putting aside these issues, it should still make for a fascinating read.

You can grab your copy of the screenplay by downloading it over at Comic Book Movie. Enjoy!

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