Get Ready For The Dark Knight Rises Marketing Blitz

What Culture is reporting that the marketing blitz for The Dark Knight Rises is about to begin. We’ve already heard that a new trailer will be arriving with The Avengers and now we’re hearing that new character posters and a banner will be popping up as well. No word on which characters will be receiving posters but it’s safe to assume that we’ll see Bane, Catwoman and of course, Batman.

This makes sense seeing as we’ve only had two posters and two trailers so far, which is nothing considering that this is going to be the biggest film of the year.

I’m guessing that Warner Bros. just wanted to wait until The Avengers was out of the way before they started their blitz. Although, it’s not like anything can really take away from Christopher Nolan‘s upcoming juggernaut.

Even if Warner Bros. released nothing in the way of marketing, no trailers or posters, the film would still pull in close to or over $1 billion.

Either way, get ready for some heavy Dark Knight Rises marketing in the coming weeks!