Thor And Hulk Do Battle In Epic New Ragnarok TV Spot


It’s no secret that Thor’s had a bit of a tough time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His first two films failed to excite audiences and are often considered to be amongst the weakest efforts that the studio’s produced. At least, as far as the MCU goes. But then Thor: Ragnarok came along and all of the sudden, the God of Thunder is all that anyone can talk about, with his upcoming threequel shaping up to be one of the most exciting releases of the year.

After two thrilling trailers, the most recent of which dropped last month at San Diego Comic-Con, it seems like everyone’s fully on board now with the Taika Waititi-directed blockbuster, and given its wacky tone, boatload of humor and what looks to be a roller coaster ride of an adventure, we have every reason to believe that Ragnarok will be the film that brings redemption to the hero and washes the poor taste left by Thor and Thor: The Dark World from our mouths.

Now, with its November 3rd release date quickly approaching, Marvel is starting to ramp up the marketing machine and today, we’ve got a brand new TV spot to share with you. As far as never before seen footage goes, there’s actually quite a bit here, as we get a few awesome shots of the sure to be epic arena battle between the God of Thunder and the Hulk, as well as a new look at Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster.

Given how brief it is, we don’t get to see much of the plot in this new TV spot, but from what we know so far, Ragnarok opens at a time when Asgard is in complete disarray. Hela has landed, bringing with her a wave of destruction that effectively flings Chris Hemsworth’s Norse god off into the dark recesses of space. Stripped of his prized Mjölnir, Thor embarks on a “journey of self-discovery,” as he cobbles together a team of reluctant heroes – namely Loki, Valkyrie and the Incredible Hulk – to restore Asgard to its former glory.

Nipping at the heels of both Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Spider-Man: Homecoming, Taika Waititi’s all-star Thor: Ragnarok will complete Marvel’s 2017 lineup on November 3rd.