Ready Or Not Star Reportedly Eyed To Play The MCU’s Mystique

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Given how many setbacks The New Mutants has faced, it ironically seems quite fitting that the long-delayed movie will mark the unlucky thirteenth and final installment in Fox’s X-Men franchise. After that, the characters will officially be in the hands of Marvel Studios, and fans are already excited to see what Kevin Feige and his team are cooking up for their MCU debut.

Although the latest reboot likely isn’t going to happen for a while yet, there’s little doubt that the pieces are already being put into place behind the scenes, with the introduction of the mutant gene into the established MCU timeline set to shake things up in a big way. It remains to be seen how many names that featured prominently in the Fox series will be part of Marvel’s initial X-Men lineup, but we’ve heard that the studio are eying one of Hollywood’s fastest-rising young stars to take on a key role.

According to our sources – the same ones who said Jim Carrey’s Mask will cameo in Space Jam 2 and Disney is developing an Aladdin sequel, both of which we now know to be true – Kevin Feige is interested in casting Ready or Not star Samara Weaving as Mystique in the X-Men reboot. As is often the case with these situations, she’s not the only one being eyed, but she’s definitely one name they’re interested in, we’re told.

Of course, the 28 year-old is on the wish-list of virtually every studio right now after critically-acclaimed performances in cult genre flicks like The Babysitter, Mayhem and Guns Akimbo, and is set to enter blockbuster territory later this year in G.I. Joe spinoff Snake Eyes, while we recently reported that she’s also wanted for the upcoming Resident Evil reboot.

The Australian actress seems like exactly the kind of up-and-coming name that Marvel would be keen to tie down for a high-profile role in one of their big-name franchises, and would mark a huge upgrade from Jennifer Lawrence’s miserable, contractually-obligated performances in the recent X-Men movies. Let’s just hope she doesn’t listen to her uncle – Hugo Weaving – before the MCU comes calling.