When You Should Realistically Expect The Avengers 4 Trailer


Well, it’s now November and you know what that means? Yes, the first Avengers 4 trailer – and presumably its title, toowill be here within a month. That’s hugely exciting and fans are giddy with anticipation to finally lay eyes on the film, but when, exactly, can we expect the footage to be with us?

That’s the big question, and though Kevin Feige and co. haven’t revealed the date when it’ll premiere just yet, it’s important to remember that the first Infinity War trailer arrived on November 29th, 2017. So, with that in mind, it’s likely we’ll be waiting until closer to the end of the month to see it.

Some are speculating that it could be here sooner than that though, perhaps playing alongside Ralph Breaks the Internet. MCU Cosmic is quick to point out, however, that that’s highly unlikely, as Disney doesn’t usually “put live-action superhero movie trailers on their animated” releases. Furthermore, the outlet believes the it’ll premiere either on Good Morning America or during a big football game first, before making its way online and then, into theaters.

And finally, MCU Cosmic thinks that Marvel will give us at least a week’s worth of notice, so if it does indeed premiere during the last week of November, we’ll know by the week before. Then again, the outlet isn’t basing this off of any insider knowledge (that we know of) and they could be way off with their predictions. All the evidence stacks up to suggest that they’re on the right track here though and they’ve got a pretty good reputation.

So for now, ignore the online rumors that say it’ll be here any day, or that it’ll premiere with Ralph Breaks the Internet. At the moment, the most probable situation is that the first Avengers 4 trailer will drop during the last week of November, and as soon as we’ve got an exact date, you’ll be the first to know.

Source: MCU Cosmic

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