Reasonable Doubt Trailer Promises Thrills And Chills From Samuel L. Jackson


VOD is where it’s at these days. In recent weeks, various titles have been scheduled to land on-demand before opening in theaters, from Lars von Trier’s four-hour-long sex epic Nymphomaniac to the Sharlto Copley-starring mind-bender Open Grave. The trend seems like it’ll only continue growing through next year, with simultaneous VOD-theatrical release dates being added to the calendar on a daily basis.

One film taking that road to release is Reasonable Doubt, which stars Dominic Cooper and Samuel L. Jackson. Today, we have the first trailer for the movie, clearing up a few plot aspects and promising a very fast-moving thriller. Check it out below:

Though the film’s plot reminds me an awful lot of The Lincoln Lawyer, the presence of capable stars like Cooper and Jackson suggest that Reasonable Doubt might turn out decently. The trailer certainly plays up the cat-and-mouse angle, as well as Reasonable Doubt‘s dark and gritty tone, while promising a murky sense of heroics for protagonist Mitch Brockden (Cooper).

The movie follows Brockden, a well-respected District Attorney, after he commits a fatal hit-and-run one night. When he winds up prosecuting a convicted criminal (Jackson) who was found with the body and charged with murder, Brockden feels compelled to throw the case and let the criminal walk away. However, Brockden soon realizes that he’s let a prolific serial killer slip through his fingers, and he embarks on a dangerous mission to ensure that his mistake doesn’t result in any more innocent lives lost.

Peter Howitt (Laws of Attraction) will direct from a script by Flightplan scribe Peter A. Dowling. Erin Karpluk, Gloria Reuben, Ryan Robbins, Dylan Taylor and Philippe Brenninkmeyer co-star.

Reasonable Doubt will have a simultaneous VOD and limited theatrical release on January 17th, 2014.