Rebel Wilson Joins Grimsby Alongside Sacha Baron Cohen

Rebel Wilson

It took a little while for America to embrace the charms of comedienne Rebel Wilson, but I think that we’re all beginning to come around. The highly enjoyable actress is rivalling Melissa McCarthy for comedic popularity right now, and today, she has joined the Sacha Baron Cohen-penned comedy Grimsby, alongside Baron Cohen and Mark Strong.

Grimsby tells the story of a Black ops spy (Mark Strong) who has to team up with his football hooligan brother (Baron Cohen) for reasons that I’m sure will be made clear by the film. Wilson joins a cast that already includes comedian Johnny Vegas, Gabourey Sidibeand Ian McShane, which seems to indicate a welter of talent both comedic and dramatic.

The film is being directed by Louis Letterier (Now You See Me) from a script by Sacha Baron Cohen and Phil Johnston (Wreck-It Ralph). With the addition of Rebel Wilson – as well as Baron Cohen’s recent ejection from Wembley Stadium over hooliganism – I must admit to being rather intrigued by this film. We can usually depend on Baron Cohen for a laugh or three.

Wilson is probably better known in the United Kingdom and her native Australia than she is in America, but she has been making strides across the pond as well. She has just wrapped production on the next Night at the Museum film and will be reprising her role as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect 2. She’s had a number of smaller parts in comedies, including Bridesmaids, and a lead role in Bachelorette. Her TV show Super Fun Night was cancelled by ABC, but it has done its work in making Wilson an even greater presence in comedy.

Filming on Grimsby is already under way, with a projected release date in July 2015. As always, we’ll keep an eye on further casting news for Grimsby as it becomes available.

Source: Variety