Saw Reboot Director Teases A Scene So Disturbing That He Wanted To Shower


The upcoming ninth installment in the popular Saw series recently wrapped filming, and as director Darren Lynn Bousman looks back on the footage he shot over the past couple of months, the filmmaker singles out one particular scene as a disturbing highlight.

As the director of Saws two through four, Bousman clearly has the stomach for gruesome and grisly spectacle. Nonetheless, in the midst of putting together a sequence in his next feature, he admitted via Twitter that even he was feeling pretty sickened by what he’d made:

“ugh… cutting a scene right now on SAW and it makes me want to take a shower… needle pit might have some competition.”

The needle pit was a particularly infamous trap from 2005’s Saw II that required Amanda Young to search through a pit of syringes to attain a key. Going by the tweet’s replies, fans are taking it as a promising sign that Bousman believes he’s managed top himself in terms of grossness.

The ninth Saw movie, tentatively titled The Organ Donor, has an unlikely star in the form of Chris Rock, who’s also credited with the film’s story. The actor/comedian reportedly plays a police detective named Zeke who’s investigating a series of ghastly crimes. The pic also features Samuel L. Jackson in the role of Zeke’s father Marcus, along with The Handmaid’s Tale actor Max Minghella as Zeke’s partner William Schenk.

It’s an unusual combination of people to find in a Saw film, but after 2017’s Jigsaw managed to gross $103 million worldwide against a $10 million budget, we can probably assume that this next movie is going to draw in a pretty sizable crowd. We’ll know for sure once the flick hits theaters on May 15th, 2020.