Rebooted Batman Rumoured To Appear In Justice League, Solo Film To Follow

On the heels of big news that Warner Bros. may be courting The Wachowskis to helm their proposed Justice League adaptation after Ben Affleck expressed little interest, Batman on Film has revealed that a new incarnation of the Caped Crusader may appear in the project, followed by a solo effort featuring The Dark Knight.

It’s been well-established news for some time (in fact, it was discussed even before The Dark Knight Rises was released), that Warner Bros. intends to reboot Batman, but what makes this rumour all the more shocking at this juncture is that Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight Trilogy” has literally just ended and is still doing big business at the worldwide box office.

We’ve seen Spider-Man successfully rebooted shortly after its original trilogy, but there was still a five year gap between entries. With Man of Steel due in theaters June 14, 2013 though, and rumoured to feature a Wonder Woman cameo, that’s cutting it close for what would seem to be a rushed production schedule for a Justice League film (which the source reports for a 2015 release). Will fans respond to such a quick turnaround?

The other massive “what if” concerning a reincarnation of Batman (spoilers for those who have not seen The Dark Knight Rises) is whether Joseph Gordon-Levitt will take up the mantle, or if it will in fact be Night Wing who joins the Justice League, to then become Batman in the follow-up standalone effort.

There are a multitude of questions still up in the air (like if Ryan Reynolds will return as Green Lantern) and with no official word from Warner Bros. or conformation from other news outlets, it’s all still speculation at this stage.

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