IT Receives Hilarious Honest Trailer


When IT was originally announced to receive a silver screen adaptation, we’re sure that despite any excitement shared by fans of Stephen King’s original novel and the television miniseries, none of us could’ve predicted what a box office juggernaut it’d become. Seriously, the dough that it raked in was pretty much unheard of for horror movies, a feat normally reserved for summertime blockbusters and action flicks.

But whenever a picture achieves those financial heights, it’s possibly even more likely that it’ll land on Screen Junkies’ radar. And, as such, said film will be given the Honest Trailers treatment. Sure, this instance was due in large part to fan demand, but you knew it was coming.

Quite expectedly, director Andy Muschietti’s crack at the bat isn’t as highly brutalized as some other movies have been in Honest Trailers of their own, perhaps because IT was genuinely a good film. In fact, I’d go as far to say that it was my favorite in the horror genre for 2017.

Still, it wasn’t perfect – and they’re not shy to point that out. Believe me, certain inconsistencies and deviations from the book are explored in kind, but I do take issue with the notion that one could just turn around and walk away from Pennywise. I mean, the guy’s an omniscient being from a higher plane of existence. Believe me, if he wants to find you, he’s going to.

Regardless, there are a fair amount of laughs to be had. Plus, they’re pretty much on the money when it comes to more Stephen King adaptations being in the pipeline in the wake of IT. Personally, I’d like to see a modern filmmaker take another shot at The Shining, but I’m not the one writing the checks.