New Red Band Trailer For 2 Guns


With the Summer movie season starting to wind down, there are only a handful of blockbusters to look forward to now. One of those blockbusters is 2 Guns, an upcoming action/comedy from Universal, who are hoping that the star power of the film’s two leads, Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, is enough to turn a profit on the roughly $90 million budget.

Today, IGN has debuted a brand new red band trailer for the film, which gives us a better look at some of the more R-rated material in the movie. Admittedly, there’s nothing too graphic here but the footage shown does serve to show us more of that playful vibe the film is going for.

We see some of the banter between Wahlberg and Washington as well as some of the more humorous moments between the two. From the looks of it, 2 Guns is going to be more a buddy cop comedy than a hard action film and so far, it’s looking like it will be a hit.

We’ll have our full review on 2 Guns later this week but for now, I’ll tell you that from what I hear from our very own Matt Donato, there’s some great chemistry from the two leads and their work certainly elevates the film. Judging by what we can see in the trailer below, it looks like he’s right, as both Washington and Wahlberg seem to be having a lot of fun in their roles.

2 Guns opens on August 2nd. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.