New Red Band Trailer For 22 Jump Street Will Have You In Stitches

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Sony’s 22 Jump Street is almost here and personally, I could not be more excited. Its predecessor, 21 Jump Street, was one of my favorite films of 2012 and I’m extremely eager to head back undercover with Jenko and Schmidt again. This time around, however, the duo will be trying to bust a drug ring at a local college, rather than high school, so they’re moving up in the world a bit. It’s a good thing, too, as now that they’re posing as college students, they get to do what all college students do, go on spring break.

Released today is a brand new, 3 minute long, red band trailer for the film. In it, we watch as our loveable cops continue working on their “relationship” as they navigate the treacherous waters of college. It looks like they’re doing alright though, as Schmidt brags about his luck with the ladies and Jenko appears to have made the football team. And of course, both boys head to the beach for spring break, which looks just about as awesome as you’d expect it to.

Aside from Jenko and Schmidt, we also get a look at returning talent like Dave Franco, Rob Riggle and Ice Cube, all of whom will definitely put a smile on your face. In fact, the entire trailer is downright hilarious and will no doubt have you in stitches. I’m worried that it may have spoiled a few too many jokes but I’m fairly confident that there are still a lot more laughs in store for us.

22 Jump Street, directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller (who helmed the first film), will head to theatres on June 13th.