The Change-Up Red Band Trailer

The trailer for The Change-Up was released today in all its red band glory. The premise has been repeated countless times now, but the casting in this film looks pitch perfect. Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman play best friends who envy their alternative lifestyles and wish one drunken night out together, to switch their lives. Well, in some strange occurrence that only happens in movies, they wake up in opposite bodies and the fun begins.

It worked in Freaky Friday, and now with a rated R formula, it looks fresh again. It’s hard to say who looks funnier, the studly single Reynolds acting inappropriate in Bateman’s conservative married man appearance or vice versa. Hell, Olivia Wilde is in it too, looking as good as ever. The end of the trailer is hilarious, amazing reaction shot. Check out the red band version and judge for yourself if it has what it takes to compete with the The Hangover Part II as the summer’s raunchiest and overall best comedy.

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